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We are a registered business that deals with entertainment Service provision that is incorporated under the law of Kenya. Our profile focuses on all angles in terms of entertainment. We are PATE MEDIA , PATE RECORDS, PATE STUDIO AFRICA, PATE ONLINE RADIO and SOUND PATE`KAGS ENT


Our head office is located in-between a densely populated residential estate and a business district in the heart of seasons, kasarani-Nairobi. We strategically positioned and set to provide services the whole of the community. We are determined to offer our services country wide depending on the clientele requirements.


Basically we as PATE tend to offer professionalic experienced services to our esteemed client by their preference. Our services are split among the 5 satellite that enroots to the mother company. A simple breakdown of each satellite and the service offered.

  • This is the PR outlet of information. The media focuses on trending news and alerts in our website. This section offers blogs and other articles and updates of daily happening globally. Basically, all adverts and business management programs proceeds and marketing are handled in this satellite.

 This satellite focus on recording session for music, Dj covers, vocals, voice overs. It’s the record label that focuses in production of music that has positive impact to the community in general.

Building a community together. Reaching out and hosting shows that have positive impact to the listeners. The radio runs 24/7 online by playing music and hosted shows.

 An Art of The Future. The satellite focuses on studio work. Photography is one category synced as part of the studio work e.g.  Product photography, Fashion photography, sports photography, editorial photography, architectural photography and portrait photography. Videography styles that we focus on are live action videos, whiteboard videos, live streaming, animation, typography videos and motion graphic videos

 The satellite that focuses on entertainment in general. Public Address Sound system provision, DJING services, MUSIC background provision, LED SCREENS provision, LED lights provision, tents and Chairs, decorations and red carpets, band provision and JAZZ instrumentalist.

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